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Ejaculation On Command By Lloyd Lester

Here’s the PDF Transcript of Lloyd’s Interview


-Friends With Benefits-

Friends with benefits. Sex friends. F*ck buddies.

Whatever you call them — it shakes out to about the same thing:

She’s a girl you can call up any time you’re horny… and she’ll come over to your place for a “no strings attached” bang session.

You don’t have to jump through hoops to get laid…

You don’t have to take her on dates… Spend money on her… Or promise to commit to her…

You basically just use her like she’s a real life sex doll… taking her out of her box and playing with her whenever you feel like it, then putting her away when you get tired of her…

And… she loves it that way!

Because your sex buddy is just as much of a sex-crazed pervert as you are.

And she’s not looking for commitment or cuddles or long walks on the beach.

Like you, she just wants SEX.

Rough, dirty, kinky sex.


1am booty calls!

With no emotional commitment. And no “strings” attached!

The question is, how do you find one of these special “unicorns”?

A girl who only wants sex… and is reliably down to come over to your place and suck you off whenever you send her a text (even if it’s 2 in the morning)?

This video shows you how:

==> How to find a F-buddy quickly and easily (doesn’t require you to approach women)

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