I posted a tip yesterday on how to start feeling wealthy. Today, my next tip is to count your money daily. Do a financial analysis weekly. Keep your eye on the bottom line. Manage your cash flow.

If you’re strapped, you might want to start a part time business. Robert Kiyosaki suggests network marketing.

What do you think?

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Building your own Brand

I’m tired of seeing all these people
Buying into a new program

Or joining a new company offering

Some kind of quick way to make

mo.ney online.

Once these people get started in

The business or program

They go down this all too

Familiar road called frustration!

I’m sure you’ve been there or

Maybe you ’re going through it


I was there too.

Until I learned that what all these

Gurus were doing was exactly

What they are not teaching you.

At least, not upfront.

To learn this secret, you’d have to

Join some elite group or upgrade

To an elite something.

The secret is the number one

thing that all companies big

Or small

Have been doing for so long.

But before I tell you what that is,

Let me ask you what’s your name?
What special skill do you know?

What gift do you have that you’re

Willing to share with the world?

Why am I asking all of this?

Because the answers to those


Are the keys to the secret of your



Your Brand.

Your name is your brand

Your skill is your brand.

Your gift is your brand.

Now don’t get me wrong.

You can sell anything online

Or offline for that matter.

But really who isn’t doing that.

You are competing with a sea

Of other aspiring entrepreneurs.

All doing the same thing you want

to do… sell.

You’re going to have to something


Remember, You’re not in the

business of selling.

You’re in the business of


You have to market your brand.

I’m going to be doing some

Free training on branding

And marketing online

And offline in the next couple of

weeks. For those interested,

Go to my fan page and leave me a

request and comment