Natural Ways To Last Longer In Bed – 3 Tips For EXPLOSIVE Sexual Stamina And Scorching Hot Sex!


Being able to last longer in bed is one of the best ways to enjoy amazing sex and fulfill your wife or girlfriend in between the sheets. Women typically have a longer arousal cycle and it takes them far longer to get excited and reach an orgasm than men. And let’s face it… no matter how much she says she loves you, she wants you to be able to last long enough for HER. After all, all her friends are talking about how good their guys are in the sack. You want her to have bragging rights, too, don’t you?

Instead of settling for a less than sizzling sex life, you can vamp it up when you practice the following:

#1: Posturing for optimal pleasure and endurance

There are various positions that help guys last longer in bed. Those that allow you to remain in a passive position work really well. For instance, lie back, relinquish some control and let your partner get on top of you. Not only do women love to exert some authority once in a while, this position also allows your body muscles to remain relaxed, especially those in the pelvis, and gives you more effective control over your arousal. Not only that, it helps her control the sensations, which is great for inducing orgasms in a woman.

#2: Shape up… or ship out!

Being in good physical shape also helps your sexual stamina to a great extent. Guys who work out regularly have overall better fitness levels and better blood circulation. This boosts libido and produces more serotonin hormones… which keep your mind and body in a calm and relaxed state that is crucial for lasting longer. Plus she will find you very sexy, which is a great turn on for women too!

#3: Build anticipation

Don’t start out with a bang and then climax as soon as possible. This is a surefire way for your sex life to fizzle out and leave her frustrated. Instead of starting out, thrusting away and trying to finish as soon as you can like a schoolboy, you need to take your time. Slow down and enjoy sex in all its splendor. The more you make it last by sensuously touching one another, using foreplay and finding out where her hot spots are (as well as giving her a chance to find yours), the more both of you will be relaxed and enjoy a sexual encounter that not only lasts so MUCH longer, but is a LOT more sensational as well!

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