Update: My Survey results are in. . .

Quick update on what I’ve been working on as well as the results of my survey.

Check out the results:

I’ve been involved in a private mentoring program and a couple of mastermind groups

where I’ve been learning the tips , tricks and tools

from six and seven figure online marketers.

A couple of weeks ago I asked my social media followers

as well as my personal list (thanks to you) if they were interested in me sharing

what I’ve been learning from my mentor and mastermind groups.

And the positive response was huge.

I guess sharing is caring.

So I’ve decided to actually put together an implementation program

where I’ll be sharing all of my tips, tricks and resources

that I’ve gained in the last month as well as,

what I feel,

is an affordable and easily accessible platform.

You will learn how to build your list fast and within your budget,

what type of business you’re going to be building,

the core strategies of a successful online marketer (

as well as entrepreneurship in general)

and lots more that I won’t be fit in this description.

So to get more details on the webinar presentation on my implementation program,

go HERE to register for the webinar

and receive your free report on the top 5 reasons why internet marketers fail online.

I look forward to serving you and helping you reach your goals in your life and business.

Mike Berrios

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How This Book Is Changing My Business. . .

It’s Friday night and it’s time to start the weekend.

You might be getting ready to go out of town,

spend some time with family,

or do like I do,

and “sharpen your saw”.

If you’re a real estate agent, a mortgage or insurance agent/broker

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Mike Berrios

P.S. My answer to the “newbie marketer blues” is about to launch.

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