Today all NYC kids above the age of 5 went back to school. For some kids it was a happy and exciting time; for others a fearful and anxious experience. For a lot of newbie internet marketers they can relate their experience of joining a online business to going to school for the first time. Are you going through that too.

I know I did in the beginning. I didn’t know anyone in the business. I was treading around not knowing how to make things work. I was shy to talk to people about my opportunity. I made a lot of mistakes until I started to hang with experienced marketers. They would coach me on what to say, how to say it and when to close the deal with my prospects. I started to look forward to getting on the phone with my prospects, writing my blogs wasn’t a chore anymore and I started to see the fruits of my labor. And you too can enjoy going back to school and learn what it takes to be a Rock star marketer in your business.

Don’t deny yourself the outstanding results you can have by not seeking a mentor or acquiring the necessary tools and training that will take your business to the next level.

I offer consulting to all newbie marketers who want someone to hold their hands for the first few weeks after getting started. I don’t care what you’re selling or providing. Everyone requires a mentor or coach to keep them motivated and accountable in their business.
I can show where you should put your marketing dollars to work for you. I will share with you what is the very first few ultimately important steps you should take to set your business up for success.
Learning from my mistakes and what has been working for me would allow you to cut corners and speed up the learning process on your way to making those first few sales.

This business can be simple if you follow what the pros are doing. No need to re-invent the wheel. In the beginning after you’ve set up your business all you should be doing is branding yourself to the world via blogging, prospecting your warm market, and interacting with your social network. Don’t be afraid to be creative. You can do some passive marketing like printed apparel, bandit signs, post cards. But that’s advanced strategies. You’re in kindergarten now. Keep it simple for now and build your network. Stay within your marketing plan and set daily objectives. Treat this like a serious business and eventually it will support you and your family very well.

My company offers products that helps marketers to build their business on a steady foundation of good attraction marketing tactics, killer prospecting techniques and establishing a dependable cash flow producing system. Don’t be a wussy! I challenge you to stand up the bully in you, the procrastinator, and let’s finish the year off strong. Get all in.

If your interested in partnering up with me on any number of the projects that my company is involved in my website is, and my number is 347-307-7507.

To Your Success

Michael Berrios

Author: Hustle Hard Mike

Mike Berrios is an entrepreneur and author of "Fast Track Money Blueprint". He is a plumber by trade, a lover of personal development, a rebel against the conventional way of doing things. He has bounced back from illnesses, incarceration, and from several business failures and setbacks. He has even made it out of homelessness (twice!!!!). Mike is currently working on the launch of said ebook: “Fast Track Money Blueprint”. When he is not working, he is out flipping cars, and reselling cars, toys, and comics.

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